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The white chapel is beautiful with its glass walls peering into the landscaped flowers & garden. They offer multi level service pkgs which we picked gold just below platinum but above bronze & silver.

We were told of the head count Chapel/Recep, set-up services included in our pkg: minister, 2 day counseling for free license, music, cake, decor svcs, bridal services, meal prep, bartenders, 1 hour limo ride, & given a brochure with a picture of a wedding setup. I was told I could come back & ask questions as necessary or take measurements just not during a wedding of course.

I did return to measure table width, other things for decorative purposes. I was rudely questioned by one of the ladues when measuring the Recep tables. Fyi: rounds are usu 60".

Majority of my questions went unanswered until the day of my wedding. The night before I dropped off my decor as instructed by the coordinator. They commented on how much I had brought, but stated zero problems to me. They were to decorated post the afternoon event for my evening wedding.

My decor & stationary was custom made. Walnut Wedding Creek chapel called to informed me they don't tie bows on chairs, "I'm like really the day b4 my wedding you tell me this"! Thank goodness I was at my florist when I got the call. My florist offered to tie all the ribbon chair bows (not tulle) for a very small fee, whew.

So I walk in at the earliest time I was told o could come ~ 1 hour prior to the wedding. The chapel looked wonderful pew bows, flowers, monogrammed runner, guest book table @ this point! I looked at the reception only 1/3 of my decor was used without any explanation. I later found that they never took my things out if the pkgs, which had precise instructions on where they went.

Each table design was lumped together for easy preparation. They screwed that up leaving out the camera cards for the guest to take pics of themselves. The little kids took the cameras, adults took pics of the ceremony which the photographer was to do. All the confusion would've been clear if the wedding camera card included gad been places next to the cameras as unstructed.

Not knowing this snafu I spent a few hundred on these horrible cameras/pic development afterwards,ugh. Ok, back to decor where was my ceiling decor, cake table, lighting, ect...I had to get over it not cry & get reading to be married. The flower girls csme in & one looked grateful while the others bow wasn't applied correctly. I asked for it to be fixed as it would be in puctures.

It wasn't & is obvious in my expensive photography & videography. I was told prior that real petals couldn't be used as it would stain the floor, but all other flowers could be real. I bought expensive alter flowers, bouquets, 3 varieties of centerpieces, cake table flowers, etc...Now my wedding colors were Tiffany Blue, Yellow, & Fushia. I bought 2 pink shades of fake rose petals for the flower girls.

There's no such thing as a true blue rose & it a pet peeve of mine to see fake blue roses. So when I went to walk down the Isle what did I see? Fake Tiffany blue rose petals everywhere: on the guest table so much that the programs are barely visible in pics, down the isle, later on the receptipn table even. Where were my pink petals that combined with the blue & yellow made it a Beatiful Combo?

None ever fessed up, apologized, nothing for ruining a major moment & pictures. I found out afterwards the event earlier was a 2-tone pink wedding the color of my petals. That's where they went. Someone made the decision to replace mine with the awful freaking obvious blue rose petals.

My husband is amazed that it's the 1st thing I mention regarding our wedding because it upset me so much. I really hate fake blue roses always have!

Well now on the the reception. The coordinators couldn't bustle my dress correctly so after 30 mins.

I did it myself, took pics, & refreshed my makeup. We walked in as a couple to find our guest had been served their food already. Wtf, what happened to our extra cost appetizer table? Apparently, it wasn't as big as we were told but still the food should've waited.

OK so I sit down to eat but can't because the guest are finished & keep saying hello ir the coordinator is asking if our stuff is together for the limo afterwards. Each time I'm having to stop eating to answer. I didn't even get to drink my a glass of champagne, just a few slips. I the bride, not the coordinator who should've rounded up the bridesmaids to clean up their stuff in the dressing room so the staff would get off my ***.

I was recovering from a car wreck & back surgeries so I had to stop & take medication. The coordinator saw me & grilled me in how I shouldn't drink (the nerve of her). I reassured her I'd be fine & actually had a drop I'd alcohol & don't plan to endure in excess anyway. So recap my beautiful decor was missing but the DJ had a huge black banner which displayed his company.

I didn't agree to this horrible free advertising at my wedding. The music was so bad that half the guest left by 10pm with a huge complaint being the music the other was the poor lighting. Which had they put up my extra few lights that would've solve that issue. Had I not been bombarded by the coordinator, meal served correctly the music could've been addressed.

Guest had to wait for us to try get a ***, rush is through a 1st, Father daughter dances, to awful 50s-60s music that I the bride didn't recognize. It looked like romper room with the kids/toddlers overtaking the dance floor. Finally, I fixed the music problem & everyone left started to dance. Then I thought were was my s poo ecial effects during the special dances?

Coordinators left it out too another expense left out. My mother decided to take some food to my step dad in the nursing home 2 miles away No prob we don't have to leave til 11pm I said. She said ok I'll be back to get my daughter so we'd have the limo to ourselves. Nope, that didn't happen either.

The coordinator started kicking people out at 10:30pm even though our contract stated 11pm. I waited, & waited, all dressed up outside the reception leaning on my cane. I was notified at 10:45 the limo clock was ticking, so I my daughter hopped into the limo with us. We get about 2 Mikes down the rode & i get an angry call from my mother.She inquired where we were, so now I sat waiting in a gas station for her to meet us.

Finally, alone I go to pour me a glass of champagne. I never got to finish my only glass during the reception. It was sparkling wine not champagne. I hate sparkling wine it's not the same but very very sweet.

This is so romantic, not. We arrive gone to see our car loaded to the brim. When we opened the doors everything fell onto the ground from the coordinator packing it that way. I had delievered it in neatly packed in storage bins.

We had food from the reception, flowers from the arrangements, gifts, & decor. We spent the rest of the evening unloading the gifts & decor which was expected. We didnt expect to package up the food or dealing with the flowers. Needless to say the whole experience was terrible, exiensive, & we went to straight to sleep after clearing the necessary items only about 4am.

Had we know this wed had planned accord for help. We were told we couldn't have the food due to some city ordinance. The groom & agreed we should've eloped instead with our terrible experience with this walnut wedding creek chapel. A month later it was rubbed in my face again.

A friend alerted me some of my wedding photos were listed on their website for advertising. I wrote my story below my photos but they keep taking my story down but not my photos. The other weddings I see are sparse in decor in comparison to what I had planned & what was executed. My response is raise your expectations Walnut Creek & take my photos down!

What pic did they choose??? You got it, the blue rose freaking petals pics are uncluded, UGH!!!!!

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